Music collection

The term “memorabilia” refers to various collector’s items related to a historical event, or to a famous character from the world of entertainment, music, sports, fashion or any other art.

“Memorabilia” can refer to any souvenir object that recalls a singer or group, an object that once belonged to a famous person (such as a diary, a musical instrument, a piece of clothing, or other types of items such as posters, programmes, tickets, etc.).

Concerning singers or a musical group, are considered as “memorabilia” posters, concert programmes, autographs, photos, CD models, scores, merchandise such as stickers, pins, special magazines, limited editions or personal effects of stars; in short: any souvenir related to an artist or an era. This is the most accurate term for all those souvenirs that relate to a theme, in this case: music.

Why collect music memorabilia?

One of the main factors is sentimental. It creates a bond between the collector and the artist. Possessing an autograph, the limited edition of a record or the poster of a concert in which one took part is a way of keeping unforgettable memories of past moments in material form.

Some people don’t focus on one artist but prefer to collect items related to a specific era or movement (the 60s, 80s…), or a musical genre (English punk, rock’n’roll…) or collect a particular type of item (autographs, concert tickets, posters…).

Very often, they are music lovers, amateurs looking to enlarge their personal collection, or professionals specialized in the sale of this type of item.